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Creare valore con le persone

Wise Growth offers its customers a precise approach to consulting and training, where the construction of value in quantitative terms is combined with balanced individual and organizational development. Wise Growth helps companies and individuals grow in order to build an economic value, but also to create a reputation and well-being, which are future-oriented and designed to last. Wise Growth believes that there is no stable success without a stable sustainability.

Wise Growth‘s modus operandi is rooted in research, using available materials produced by independent organizations or academia, supporting organizations to develop an internal search for better understanding the phenomena under observation. Wise Growth can count on the support of an advisory group of senior professionals coming from both the corporate and university world and working together to ensure the utmost attention to the customers’ needs.

Wise Growth is an organization certified with the following quality standard system UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Our Group

Maria Cristina Bombelli

Founder - President

Founder and president of Wise Growth. She was a professor at the University of Milan Bicocca and for several years she taught at the School of Business Administration at Bocconi University. At SDA Bocconi, she founded the Harmony laboratory, a research center on diversity management supported by a network of companies. Maria Cristina was a visiting scholar at the University of La Verne, California and she is the author of numerous articles on the topics of organizational behavior and diversity management. She has been the president of the foundation "La Pelucca" onlus in Sesto San Giovanni. She is THA certified (Trompenaars Hampden - Turner) for intercultural awareness and executive coach with Newfield. She has published several books, including: Alice in business land, how to become leaders while remaining women, Guerini & Assocati, 2009; Plural Management, individual diversity and organizational strategies, ETAS, 2010; Un manager nell’impero di mezzo, Guerini & Associati, 2013; Generazioni in azienda, Guerini & associati, 2013; Amministrare con sapienza, la regola di San Benedetto e il management, GueriniNEXT, 2017.

Alessia Alò

Consultant e digital marketing & communication specialist

Born in 1987, degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bergamo, psychologist, psychotherapist in training. She’s responsible for Wise Growth’s web marketing and communication strategies and manages the online magazine “Diversity Management”; he is consultant with specificity for the issues related to diversity & inclusion and generations in the workplace; she collaborated and currently collaborates with non-profit organizations dedicated to adults and children with mental disabilities. She is passionate about new technologies, graphics and digital communication.

Patrizia Aroldi


She holds a Master Degree in Physics and she had been Scientific Researcher at Euratom Ispra. After a four-year training in Psychosomatic Medicine she was assigned the Chair of Drama and Dance-therapy at the University of Lugano. She performed as actress of contemporary theater in the play "Cinema Cielo", as author and performer in "Giduglia" and in "Un mito di donna", a conference-show on female identity with Laura Girelli. She is a specialist in Psychology of the Body, Somatic Coaching and Public Speaking training. She currently lives and works in Milan where she leads both group seminars and individual meetings on communication, body language and the inner theater aimed to give voice and bring on the stage of life the individual qualities that identify and allow the power of being.

Stefania Baucè


Degree in Economics from the Catholic University of Milan and a Master in Marketing Management in Istud . She has worked in the retail GDO from 2000 to 2010 in the role of senior buyers . Since 2011 she is senior consultant at Wise Growth: deals with the design of training programs on issues of diversity and inclusion, and teaches courses in women's empowerment . The main areas of interest are projects related to the management of the return from maternity leave in the company and the implementation of tools to promote better reconciling private life / work life . Stefania is an executive coach ICF ACC , diploma in 2014 at the European School Coaching EEC . Co-author of " Maternità, lavoro, vita " in Girelli L. Mapelli A. (ed ) , " Genitori al lavoro. L’arte di integrare, figli, lavoro, vita " GueriniNext 2016. In 2017 she attended a course on somatic coaching, organized by Strozzi Institute.

Lucilla Bottecchia


Lucilla is graduated in Psychology from the University of Padua (Italy), and is a Psychotherapist following Carl Rogers’ Person Centered Approach.  She supports individuals, teams and organizations in the areas of diversity & inclusion, to combine individual fulfillment and organizational achievements. Her major interest is in the gender competence area: work/life balance, maternity issues, women empowerment. She is IAP certified - THT’s (Trompenaars Hampden-Turner) for intercultural awareness.  For over 15 years she has worked as Marketing Research Director, at Italian and international level. She has also been lecturer in the Marketing Department of Bocconi University and SDA Bocconi Business School in Milan. Co-author di “Maternità, lavoro, vita” in Girelli L., Mapelli A. “Genitori al lavoro. L’arte di integrare, figli, lavoro, vita”. GueriniNext 2016.

Camilla Gaiaschi


Camilla Gaiaschi has a PhD in Sociology (University of Milan). She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan and she is part of the inter-departmental GENDERS (Gender & Equality in Research and Science) research center. Her research interests focus on gender inequalities in science and academia, as well as on welfare policies in a gendered perspective. She is also adjunct professor of the course “Equal Opportunities and Scientific Careers” at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Milan. Since October 2018 she has joined Wise-Growth for which she regularly provides trainings on female leadership and gender biases.

Laura Girelli


First Degree in literature with a major in linguistics and semiotics, then Residency Program in Analytical Psychology , is a Jungian psychotherapist and relationship education. Long adviser on strategy issues , marketing and organization; she has founded and directed from 1999 to 2009, Searches Valdani Vicari . Currently she supports clinical activity as a Senior Consultant , exclusively for Wise Growth, with specificity for the issues related to leadership, to management of parenting and interculturalism . She is a speaker at conferences in psychology, marketing and organization. She is the author of numerous articles and books , with A. Mapelli wrote "Genitori al lavoro. L'arte di integrare figli, lavoro, vita" GueriniNext , 2016. Co-author with Piero Coppo of "Schiudere Soglie" Hoepli 2014.

Katja Kruckeberg


Katja Kruckeberg, MBA (USA) is an international consultant and book author who specializes in strength-based leadership development, health and personal excellence coaching. Katja has designed and delivered management and leadership development programs for various top companies across the world, working with senior and middle managers from diverse cultural and industrial backgrounds. As an expert on Leadership and Personal Development she teaches managers both on academic as well as on corporate programs in these fields.

Ruth Ann Lake


Born in the USA , Ruth has lived over 25 years in Italy and is now based in Nice. She has a significant experience as a consultant and facilitator in the Management Development field. Her University Degree was in International Relations . Subsequently she completed 2 Masters degrees. Her fields of expertise include cross cultural team building, intercultural negotiations, leadership and empowerment, influencing across organisations, managing people and Women in Leadership . Ruth also does Executive Coaching in F2F and virtual formats. Ruth delivers workshops in English, Italian, Spanish and in French. She has published three books with Franco Angeli in Italian.

Alessandra Lazazzara

Scientific advisor of Wise Growth

Alessandra is assistant professor of Organization and Human Resource Management at the University of Milan. She holds a PhD in Organizational Development from the University of Milano – Bicocca and she has been Visiting Scholar at The Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (The Netherlands). She is specialized in D&I analysis (climate analysis, workforce picture, internal labor analysis, benchmarking, etc.) as well as training and development programs. Her intervention areas concern age management, empowerment and female leadership. Alessandra has also authored several publications on D&I, HRM and training and she is editorial board’s member of The International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Massimo Lupi


Graduated in Psychology of Work and Organizations at the University of Padua. Massimo has was head of training, selection and development at Beiersdorf Italy, he was responsible for training and development at Sony Europe in Berlin and Global Head of Talent Management projects at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond (Seattle-USA).

Barbara Quacquarelli

Scientific advisor of Wise Growth

PhD, she is an Assistant Professor of Organization Theory and Design at the University of Milan Bicocca and member of the faculty of Mip, business school based in Milan. Among other research and training activities, she teaches Cross Cultural Management. Barbara is co-founder and deputy director of the Bicocca Training & Development Centre, a university research center.
She has published extensively on issues of training, organizational behavior and international human resource management.

Michele Rabaiotti


Michele Rabaiotti has more than 10 years of experience as a trainer and consultant, focusing on people management, leadership, communication, organizational culture and change.
He graduated in 1999 in Education and obtained in 2003 a Master’s in Social Work at the Boston University in Boston, MA.
He trained and consulted for multinational corporations and he’s also active in the no profit field, coordinating community projects of social cohesion and leading a family service in Milan.

Emanuele Serrelli


Emanuele Serrelli is a Professional Counselor (member of AssoCounseling professional association), a pedagogist and a PhD in Education and Communication Sciences. He is an expert of human relationships and works with individuals and groups in various kinds of organizations. As a researcher, teacher and project manager he works with several universities. Aurhor of many international publications, he is teacher and tutor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, focusing on relation skills development, Media Education, and training of adults. He sits in the board of the “Cultural Evolution” research program at CISEPS Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics, University of Milano-Bicocca, as a philosopher of science interested in interdisciplinarity within and across the natural and social sciences. He has worked at the Department of Educational Human Sciences, University of Milano-Bicocca; he has been visiting fellow at University of Utah, University of Sydney, University of Lisbon and Duke University.

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