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Wise Growth’s main area of expertise is diversity management in a context of rules and marked by an organizational culture. Diversity management has become an urgent necessity in a globalized world, whose complexity is reflected in the organizations. Wise Growth has a solid experience of theory and consultancy and answers its clients’ different needs by offering different projects of diversity management which are built on the peculiarities of the organizations.

On the basis of our experience the actions are usually developed as it follows:

Mentoring projects

The paths of mentoring developed by Wise Growth are designed in a way which is consistent and personalized with your business needs.

The main features are: use of internal mentor properly trained to carry out their function, constant supervision of the problems encountered by mentors and mentees, set time and evaluating the results.

The areas in which the projects can be developed are different:

  • Accompanying the inclusion of young people in support of organizational socialization and creation of team spirit;
  • support to women in the development process of empowerment and inclusion in more challenging organizational positions;
  • intergenerational solidarity with the aim to build a bridge between generations, with the possibility of reverse mentoring, through a mutual exchange of expertise;
  • transfer of specialized knowledge which has not been passed on to younger people for lack of education or organizational oversight.

They have different objectives, depending on the company needs:

  • to support women's empowerment paths
  • to encourage the sharing of knowledge between different generations
  • to supplement organizational socialization paths.

Center of the mentoring path is the mentor's formation and supervision of their activities, with an accurate assestment of the achieved results.

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