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Wise Growth’s main area of expertise is diversity management in a context of rules and marked by an organizational culture. Diversity management has become an urgent necessity in a globalized world, whose complexity is reflected in the organizations. Wise Growth has a solid experience of theory and consultancy and answers its clients’ different needs by offering different projects of diversity management which are built on the peculiarities of the organizations.

On the basis of our experience the actions are usually developed as it follows:

Projects to support parenting

Motherhood and parenting in general, is a very important moment of life, it changes the perspective from which we observe the world and it also changes our values. For the company, supporting the employees at this a times, means to responsibly face a major change and facilitate the creation of new models for the work/life balance.

For mothers, who generally use this period of absence, we propose a path after the return which allows:

  • To understand the changes in their identity and in their personal and organizational implications;
  • to separate the legitimate concerns from reality;
  • to identify personal and organizational solutions to reconcile the different aspects, both practical and regarding the person’s identity;
  • taking concrete career option after maternity leave, taking into account the corporate culture.

Projects developed to support parenting by Wise Growth, include meetings with new parents, mothers and fathers, to reflect together on the changes that have occurred and the possible consequences in the workplace.

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