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Wise Growth’s main area of expertise is diversity management in a context of rules and marked by an organizational culture. Diversity management has become an urgent necessity in a globalized world, whose complexity is reflected in the organizations. Wise Growth has a solid experience of theory and consultancy and answers its clients’ different needs by offering different projects of diversity management which are built on the peculiarities of the organizations.

On the basis of our experience the actions are usually developed as it follows:

Inclusive training and development

Men and Women in a company
The proposed measures aim to raise awareness in men and women about gender communication and any conflicts that may arise, to improve the ability to relate to the other gender.

Age diversity
The theme of the diversity of ages and generations, due to changing demographic and economic dynamics has become one of the main issues relating to the issues of diversity in society and the company. Wise Growth has developed an original approach which is oriented to the identification of the specific issues of the company, and the proposals for inclusion on the different age segments.

Cross cultural management
An important aspect of diversity concerns the personal culture, the individual roots and the assets of corporate knowledge. Wise Growth offers training, intercultural tutor training and personal development for expatriates. Wise Growth has developed a relevant expertise in the study of the Chinese reality, from a business point of view, and from a cultural point of view, which allow to design specific activities for Italian companies in China or for Chinese companies interested in the Italian market.

Support the inclusion of people with different abilities
The inclusion of people with different skills can be a mere exercise in compliance with the law, or an opportunity to build an inclusive path that includes skills assessment, the identification of appropriate organizational positions and the development of a culture of inclusion. Wise Growth, in collaboration with the National Association Maimed Invalids of Labour, follows the selection process and criteria, along with the necessary training.

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