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Wise Growth’s main area of expertise is diversity management in a context of rules and marked by an organizational culture. Diversity management has become an urgent necessity in a globalized world, whose complexity is reflected in the organizations. Wise Growth has a solid experience of theory and consultancy and answers its clients’ different needs by offering different projects of diversity management which are built on the peculiarities of the organizations.

On the basis of our experience the actions are usually developed as it follows:

Women’s empowerment and leadership

The idea of training for women is relatively new in Italy and it started to be promoted in the late 90s thanks to the work of Maria Cristina Bombelli, founder of Wise Growth. This proposal is based on the belief that gender specifics require separate treatment of some topics.
Women’s training is not a substitute offered to all employees, but it adds an extra value to some aspects.

Through our work we offer women the possibility of:

  • Reflecting upon their personal attitude towards their job and their family and their balance;
  • deepening their ability to self-assessment skills as a preliminary to a career choice;
  • analyzing their propensity for a career while evaluating the positive and the negative aspects, in order to make conscious choices;
  • identify any barriers to individual development;
  • examine the advantages and disadvantages of power management, highlighting in particular the individual traps and the balance to be achieved;
  • build their own personal leadership style that takes into account the corporate culture expressing their own individual characteristics.

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