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Wise Growth’s main area of expertise is diversity management in a context of rules and marked by an organizational culture. Diversity management has become an urgent necessity in a globalized world, whose complexity is reflected in the organizations. Wise Growth has a solid experience of theory and consultancy and answers its clients’ different needs by offering different projects of diversity management which are built on the peculiarities of the organizations.

On the basis of our experience the actions are usually developed as it follows:


Wise Growth supports companies in the construction of plurality of management projects, jointly developing programs that relating the following areas:

  • Diagnosis of organizational cultures and planning of change management in relation to the issues in question;
  • diagnosis of the people management, through focus groups/interviews with the people involved in order to verify that the implemented rules do not promote exclusion;
  • diversified support projects which include:
    • activities involving top management
    • training for managers
    • organizational and training support to those at risk of exclusion
    • planning and management of opportunities for exchange with other companies
    • planning and management of internal events for staff, to support the cultural change
    • planning and management of external events, in collaboration with a PR company, to promote the activities that have been done.

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